Abilities Test

The abilities test is a classic abilities test where the different kind of questions are random arranged. A vocabulary question can follow up a figure series and can be succeeded by a spatial figure. Every question has five possible answers but only one is correct. The candidate has the possibility to skip questions that they don’t know. The time limit for the assessment is 40 minutes, when the time limit is past the program automatically shuts down the assessments and saves the answers.

The abilities test distinguishes four different testing areas:

  • Vision: finding new solutions by combining known and observed data into a new and coherent solution. Characteristics are creative and sometimes a little bit unrestrained. There central question is ‘’Is there another way, can it be done better?’’.
  • Framework: between dreaming and acting are the business oriented people and the business oriented frameworks. Their characteristics sober, realistic, they analyse an idea for their usefulness by applying the business frameworks.
  • Result: pragmatic and disciplined this is how the candidate carries out procedures. By systematically working in the right direction by use of control and guidance.
  • Relation: Motivating people to get to work and to keep them motivated by achieving their goals by focusing on the interpersonal relationships instead of just getting result.

The abilities test gives insight in the following aspects:

  • Does the candidate meet the required level (MBO/HBO/Academic).
  • What are his or hers greatest talents.
  • Which area will bring the candidate the farthest.
  • In which area can the candidate flourish without walking on their toes.
  • What is the candidates unique talent?

50 min ±

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