The Individual-DNA-Profile:

The ‘’DNA’’, the culture or better said the work values within an organisation can be described in most occasions with only a few work values. The assessment is based on that the DNA from an individual or company can be defined by seven work values. Every work value is composed in two statements. The candidate is asked to give his or her opinion on different arguments. These arguments are then translated into a definition of the work value and the two statements.

For our Company-DNA we use to following work values:

  • Autonomy: between deciding for yourself or more disciplined.
  • Authenticity: between being yourself and taking others into account.
  • Trust: between optimism and realism.
  • Customer oriented: between build to order and routine.
  • Generosity: between investing and securing your position.
  • Result: between results-oriented and process-oriented.
  • Responsibility: between yourself or jointly responsible.

The assessment contains 14 short clips with a length of around 20 to 30 seconds. The candidate is asked to choice between two alternatives concerning the short clip that is showed.

The reporter turns the results in a visually easy to read report which shows which work value(s) and statement(s) the candidate most likely uses in their day-to-day activities.


The Company-DNA-Profile:

If you instead of testing one employee/ candidate let every employee fill in the DNA-Profile assessment you can create a company wide ‘’DNA’’ profile with the most important work values.  

This profile can than be used to create better thinking-tanks and more productive departments and can be used to better match future employee’s by comparing their individual-profile with that of the company.

Purpose: Connecting the culture of the organisation to employees

Deliverable: Comprehensible report

15 min ±

Integral Personal Assessment

Providing a career advisor with insights in the competences of a candidate

Deliverable: Comprehensible report


New Hire

Purpose Finding the right person for the right job

Deliverable: Comprehensible report

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