cooperation habits

Everyone works together in the daily life, but the way somebody like to work together is an important characteristic for his or her character. The assessment gives insight in the way somebody likes to cooperate and the role they usually assume. Essentially the assessment measures how much of the candidates opinion he or she is willing to give away and what the candidate is prepared to do to keep his or her opinion.

The characteristics the assessments measures are about the behaviour the candidate shows during a cooperation or discussion and if the candidate has an own point of view and sticks with it. The assessment measures the following characteristics:

  • Goal orientated: the candidate wants his or hers and only his or hers point of view. The winner takes it all.
  • Cooperative: the win-win situation, the candidate tries to keep his or her own point of view and tries to enrich this with elements of others.
  • Compromise: The candidate is willing to compromise his or her point of view if the others also comply.
  • Resilient: The candidate is willing to accept the point of view of the other and sacrifices his or her own point of view.
  • Withdrawal: The candidate gives in beforehand and does not go into conflict, accepts the opinion of the majority.

The questions are asked in pairs where the candidate is constantly asked to choose between two alternatives. Between the two alternatives there are five options, from ‘’completely the first alternative’’ to ‘’completely the second alternative’’. These alternatives represent different characteristics with every question.

The results from the individual characteristics of the candidate are displayed on a scale from 1 – 10. The results give the candidate a visual statistic about which characteristic fits him or her best. The results are not compared with a test group. Because of this we give the candidate insight in which characteristics they personally score best.

10 min ±

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