Our IPAS assessment is specially designed to support career coaches and HR-professional. The IPAS-report is designed as a basic frame that the user ‘’the specialist’’ can use to write it’s own advice-report with to discuss with his or her clients. We have split IPAS into two variants:

IPAS Compact:

This assessment was made to take the HR-professional to the next level in online services. With the use of online assessments you can test your clients from their home, this means no stress, no travel and better results in an extended report. By combining our extended reports with your own expertise you can give the best advice to your clients.

The assessments give you insight in the thinking habits, the work values, his or her motivations and the cooperation habits from the client. The last assessment is a standard abilities test.

The individual assessments are processed by our systems and are turned into an extended report, the report is sends to you in PDF and Word so you can ad your own notes.


The IPAS is identical to the IPAS Compact with one exception, the IPAS has an extra dimension. Next to all the standard assessment that are already included in the IPAS Compact the IPAS has an extra assessment the Company-DNA-test.

This assessment gives your client insight in what is their ideal workspace to work in. Next to that the assessment can be used to create an aggregation report. If every employee in a company makes the Company-DNA test it can be used to create a company-DNA-profile that can be used to create better teams and help indicated possible candidates to hire.

The IPAS assessment contains the following assessments:

  • Thinking Habits
  • Personal Values
  • Motivation
  • Cooperation Habits
  • Abilities Test
  • Company-DNA (not included with IPAS Compact)

Purpose: Providing a career advisor with insights in the competences of a candidate

Deliverable: A customized report

75 min ±


Finding the right person for the right job

Deliverable: Comprehensible report

New Hire

Purpose: Finding the right person for the right job

Deliverable: Comprehensible report

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