With motivation we mean the thing that excites the candidate it is what drives the candidate. Motivation are the reasons why somebody does what he or she does it is that what makes them stand up in the morning. Also it gives us an understanding about what the candidate expects from his or her occupation and what the candidate expects the occupation will give him or her.

During the assessment the candidate is tested to determine which characteristics of motivation fits his or her personality. We have determined the following characteristics for motivation:

  • Power: Striving to influence the behaviour of others, to persuade them to follow your path. You want to be in charge.
  • Status: The candidate strives to get stature and respect, so that in his or her view the candidate gets excepted sooner.
  • Autonomy: Striving to decide what for yourself what is important.
  • Meaning: Striving to do business that is really important to you.
  • Creativity: Striving to use your creativity.
  • Expertise: Striving to be the best in your field.
  • Interest: Striving to give your full attention especially to matters that are of interest to you.
  • Safety: Striving for a safe environment for yourself.
  • Fixed income: Aiming for a stable income.

The questions are asked in pairs where the candidate is constantly asked to choose between two alternatives. Between the two alternatives there are five options, from ‘’completely the first alternative’’ to ‘’completely the second alternative’’. These alternatives represent different characteristics with every question.

The results from the individual characteristics of the candidate are displayed on a scale from 1 – 10. The results give the candidate a visual statistic about which characteristic fits him or her best. The results are not compared with a test group. Because of this we give the candidate insight in which characteristics they personally score best.

10 min ±

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