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A new vacancy and the only thing you see on your desk are resumes? Selecting the right candidate for a vacancy can be a challenging job. Our New Hire Online Select assessment has been designed to guide and help you through the first round of the selection process. You create a job profile completely online for your vacancy and we do the rest.

A job profile contains the following components:

  • Fixed criteria: level of education, work experience, language skills, working hours etc..
  • Desired competencies: for example listening and collaborating.
  • Indicate the roles and required motives of the candidate.

After you have created the job profile you get a conformation by mail which contains the vacancy-number and a special e-mail address, unique for this vacancy. This unique e-mail address is what the candidates use to sign up for the assessment by sending an e-mail to the unique e-mail address. By sending the mail the candidates automatically get an invite for the online assessment. If the predetermined time period or the maximum amount of candidates is reached the candidate automatically receives an apology mail with an apology but that it is no longer possible to apply for the vacancy.

During the assessment the candidate is asked to upload his or her CV. Out of protection for the candidates privacy the CV’s are upload to our server where they are send to the contact person of the vacancy where afterwards the CV’s are deleted by the server. The candidates receive an overview per mail after they finished their assessment.

You receive a report per candidate that contains a comparison with the predetermined job profile. Next to that you receive an overall report with the scores from all the candidates in comparison with the base profile to easily determine the best candidates for the second round or interview.

In this phase you can send the candidates that are not selected for the next step a rejection email and the people you want to invite an invitation email. So no candidate is left unattended

Beside everything above we also offer the extra options below:

  • The possibility to let the candidates ably anonymous.
  • Coaching with creating a job profile.
  • Coaching in the selection process and the preparation for the interviews.
  • Actively promoting the vacancy through social media (through one of our partners)
  • Conducting the job interviews (through one of our partners)

Purpose: Finding the right person for the right job

Deliverable: Comprehensible report

60 min ±

Integral Personal Assessment

Providing a career advisor with insights in the competences of a candidate

Deliverable: Comprehensible report


New Hire

Finding the right person for the right job

Deliverable: Comprehensible report


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