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Powerteam Testing combines its years of experience in ICT with exceptional broad scientific knowledge of psychological tests. Our tests are most user-friendly and designed using the latest psychological insights. The duration varies from several minutes to approximately an hour. Whether the test takes a longer, or a shorter period of time, each of them provides you with important insights into the employees and the organisation.

Who will you be speaking to?

HR is a human’s job. Because of this, it is good to know who you will be speaking to. We would like to introduce ourselves beforehand. And who knows, perhaps we will be shaking hands soon.

It all started with …

Martin Stevense

“At an early stage I was convinced that online tools, aimed at assessing the suitability for a position, would prove very useful.”

With over 30 years of IT-experience, Martin is one of the pioneers of the digital era. When he worked at an educational institute, he noticed that a large number of candidates chose the wrong course or training. He became convinced that it would be better, for both candidates and instructors, if the candidate would first be tested on his or her skillset and knowledge, and that testing this could best be done online. His idea took off when he got to know two psychologists in 2011. They shared his vision and provided the needed content. Powerteam Testing was born.

The practical uses …

The best candidate… for your organization

How do you make sure you get the right people in your organisation? Our smart tools provide you with insight in capabilities, as well as motives and personal drive. This is most important, for only when a candidate fits into the organisations culture, he or she can truly become a valuable asset, starting a long-lasting relationship, because he or she feels comfortable in this position.
This will make it unlikely for this person to move away from his or her position. This will save money, since hiring staff costs money, but finding replacements will prove much costlier!

The ideal combination of hard and soft

A good manager pays attention to the hard and the soft side of service. Our online assessments provide you with insight in capabilities, motives and the way a certain manager works.
This tool becomes more powerful when all managers take the test. You will discover the different personalities within your team. This will be your search for the perfect combination of hard and soft.


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