Thinking Habits

The Thinking Habits assessment studies the way a candidate solves a problem and gives insight in the preferred approach a candidate uses to solve a problem.

  1. Examples of different approaches are:
    Wait I know this kind of problem I had one yesterday and the day before. I’m going to solve this the same way.
  2. Hmm this is an interesting problem. Normally I would solve it this way but I’ve got a better idea, let’s try that.
  3. I was really hoping these kind of problems where gone, well let’s start right away the sooner the better. If any problems come up I solve them on the go.
  4. Wow interesting, what would be the best approach to solve this? I will look at different kinds of solutions beforehand so I can better choice the best way to handle this problem.

During the assessment the candidate is tested for the different approaches a person uses to solve a problem. Below the different approaches we have categorized as used to solve problems:
• conservative
• pragmatic
• Innovative
• investigative
• theoretical
• practical

The questions are asked in pairs where the candidate is constantly asked to choose between two alternatives. Between the two alternatives there are five options, from ‘’completely the first alternative’’ to ‘’completely the second alternative’’. These alternatives represent different characteristics with every question.

The results from the individual characteristics of the candidate are displayed on a scale from 1 – 10. The results give the candidate a visual statistic about which characteristic fits him or her best. The results are not compared with a test group. Because of this we give the candidate insight in which characteristics they personally score best.

10 min ±

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