About us

Powerteam HR Tools in a nutshell

Hiring new employees costs money, but replacing employees is much more expensive!


Powerteam HR Tools offers online assessments that give the HR professional different insights into the capabilities and possibilities of employees and organisations.

Examples are: cooperation styles, thinking styles, norms and values, drives and motives, culture, etc. This is important to know, because only if an employee really fits within an organisation, will he or she be a valuable asset to the company, both in terms of person and productivity. Only then does the employee also feel that he is in his place and does not make the switch to another organisation so quickly.

We combine years of experience in IT with scientific knowledge of psychological testing. In addition, we closely follow new techniques, new working methods and new forms. We, too, are always innovating our HR Tools.

Our HR tools are a valuable addition to your existing personnel policy.

Our assessments are easily accessible. No unnecessary and lengthy texts, we often use images. The assessments consist of various modules, making them easy to combine. We put together a tailor-made package for each organisation, a package that best meets the organisation’s requirements and offers reports with immediately usable insights.


Our team

HR is human work par excellence, everything revolves around that perfect match! We believe that having a match is also very important when entering into collaborations. Because only if Powerteam HR Tools really fits your organisation, can we be a valuable asset to your company.

So do you want to know who you might be having the pleasure of meeting later? We'll already introduce ourselves here. And who knows, maybe we will soon be shaking hands...

Mission and Vision

With innovative tools, Powerteam HR Tools wants to support organisations and companies to be able to use the capacities of employees optimally, making people happier and companies more productive!

We do this by continuously developing our assessments, which provide insight into the qualities and capabilities of employees.

Not only do we offer these assessments directly to our clients, but we also collaborate with other HR professionals.


Company history

Powerteam HR Tools, formerly Powerteam Testing, exists since 2012, but its roots can be traced back to the 80s. 

Martin Stevense, founder, still worked at a training institute at that time. He saw that a lot of participants chose the wrong training and education.

He thought it would be better if they were tested on knowledge and skills before starting, and that it was best done online. He was already a pioneer in the digital age.

ZHe got his idea when he met two psychologists who shared his vision. Together with the knowledge and experience of psychologist Allan Torben-Nielsen he built Powerteam HR Tools.

Together we take HR to the next level!

Allan Torben-Nielsen was initially, in the 80s, very negative towards psychological testing, but was also fascinated by it. In the course of the years he recognised the value of it.

He was therefore one of the first to introduce the computer for taking career choice tests. That was also the reason he was immediately interested in Martin’s idea for online assessments.

Today, the family business has expanded with daughter Selma, account manager, son Jochem, programmer, and daughter-in-law Jacqueline, office manager.

In addition, they work a lot with partners and it is their goal to take HR to the next level all over the world!