DNA Culture test


The purpose of this assessment is:

Gain insight into the work values of an employee and/or organisation.


A clear score report, per employee and a total overview of all employees.


Duration of the assessment:

ca. 15 minutes

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What are your values regarding work or what are the values and norms of your organisation? You can use this assessment per candidate/employee, for a specific team or even the entire organisation.

The culture of an organisation determines whether someone feels happy or is going to feel happy!

Can’t find a suitable position? Maybe then you don’t have a clear idea which (work) culture suits you. In other words: which requirements does an organisation have to meet so that you feel happy in a position? This assessment offers you an insight into the work environment in which you can do your best. Conversely, an organisation can also assess whether an applicant fits within the prevailing culture of the organisation.

As an organisation, do you not yet have a clear understanding of your organisation’s values? Then you can also deploy this assessment among all employees. This will result in the prevailing values of an organisation.

The assessment consists of 14 films of approximately 20 to 30 seconds.