Motives test


The purpose of this assessment is:

Gain insight into your own motives or those of your employees.


A short and concise report containing the motivations of an employee.


Duration of the assessment:

ca. 5 minutes, per employee

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Drives or motives are ‘stimuli’ that cause an employee to take action! They are the reasons why he or she does something and also what gives him or her energy to do what he or she does. An employee always looks for these motivations in his or her work, or at least expects to find them consciously or unconsciously in his or her work. This assessment answers the question: What drives your employee? What motivates him or her?

If you know what motivates someone,
you can use this to bind an employee to your organisation!

The characteristics of motivation that we have identified are:

  • Power
    Aiming to influence the behaviour of others, making them go along with you on your chosen path.
  • Regard
    Strive for status and prestige, so that your idea will be accepted more quickly.
  • Autonomy
    Strive to decide for oneself what is important.
  • Purpose
    Striving for things that really matter to you, that are really important.
  • Creativity
    Striving to use your creativity.
  • Expertise
    Striving to become the best in your field.
  • Interest
    Aim to focus your attention on things that are of interest to you.
  • Security
    Aim for a safe environment where nothing can happen to you.
  • Fixed income
    Strive for a stable income.

The Motives Test is also part of the New Hire Basic, New Hire for Managers, the Entrepreneur Test and the Personal Development Scan.