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Looking for the perfect candidate for your vacancy? What are the values and standards of your company? How can I give more depth to performance appraisals? With Powerteam HR Tools you can take your HR policy to the next level. It offers online assessments, which provide different insights into the capabilities and possibilities of applicants, employees and organisations.

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Problems with recruitment and selection? Or do you want more insight into the qualities and talents of employees, so that you can adjust your HR policy accordingly? Or do you want more insights into the company culture or styles of cooperation and leadership? Powerteam HR Tools has developed various tools that can help you with matching, development and management issues in the HR field.

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Are you the collaboration partner Powerteam HR Tools is looking for? Would you like to be able to use our HR tools as well? Do you want to be able to support other companies in an innovative way to gain insight into the capabilities and possibilities of employees and organizations? Click here for more information.

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Is it clear to you what the talents of all your employees are? Where are the development opportunities? Would you like to give the performance appraisal more depth by talking less about the job profile and more about the personal development opportunities?

These are all questions to which the tailored assessments of Powerteam HR Tools can give an answer!



Hiring new employees costs money, but replacing employees is even more expensive! Looking for opportunities to make your recruitment and selection process more efficient and effective? Or to be able to measure beforehand whether an employee fits the culture of your company?

Use the matching tools of Powerteam HR Tools!



Do you want to take your HR department to the next level? To do so, you need insights into your employees and organisation. Or do you want to invest in (company) training? You can come to us for a wide range of training courses. We also develop books and training materials in collaboration with our trainers.

Our HR tools are a valuable addition to your existing HR policy.

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Powerteam HR Tools offers online assessments that give the HR professional different insights into the capabilities and possibilities of employees and organizations. Want to know more?
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